DAR recognizes students

By Staff, 02/21/18 11:20 AM

DAR 005

PRESCOTT – This year’s DAR theme dealt with World War I, which ended 100 years ago.

Students, in grades 5-8 in the Prescott, Blevins and Nevada school districts, were tasked to write essays on the aftermath of WWI and what it would mean for America and the rest of the world and the pros and cons of these changes. The essays were judged and winners selected.

For Blevins, the fifth grade runner up was Olivia Sandifer with the winner Keyla Diaz. The sixth grade winner was Lilly Allen, with Marca’sga Glenn the runner up. The seventh grade winner was Nathan Lovett, with Alyssa Bonner the runner up. The eighth grade winner was Maci Thaxton, with Marah Huskey the runner up.

For Prescott, the fifth grade winner was Caytlee Poole with Carlee Glass the runner up. The sixth grade winner was Rocco Loe with Georgie Glass the runner up. The seventh grade winner was Olivia Cornelius, with Eden Wood the runner up. Shytania Hopper was the eighth grade winner, with Layla Purtle the runner up.

No one was on hand from the Nevada School District. Several of the winners and runners up weren’t present due either to other scheduling conflicts or illness.

Hank Crain received the Good Citizen Award, and participation certificates were presented to students from Blevins and Prescott in grades five through eight. The good citizen from Blevins was Madison Huskey, with Bailey Reed earning the honor from Nevada.

The ceremony was held at the First United Methodist Church, with refreshments served at the conclusion.