Rain doesn’t deter extraction training

By Photos by John Miller and Robert Loe, 03/28/18 9:50 AM


PRESCOTT – Firefighters with the Prescott Fire Department (PFD), along with paramedics with the Nevada County Ambulance Service (NCAS) didn’t let rain affect an extraction training session Tuesday evening.

The crews gathered behind Bypass Diesel, who provided the vehicles for the training, and worked to improve their extraction techniques. This is something the PFD does throughout the year as part of its continuing education program for the firefighters. David Gummeson, PFD training officer, said this month the PFD’s focus has been on extraction with the firemen specializing in the stabilizing of the vehicles to keep them from moving while emergency personnel do their job. The firemen are also working on new ways to remove the dashboard from vehicles that would otherwise prevent a victim from being able to escape during an emergency.

Gummeson said the Prescott City Council and Prescott Mayor Terry Oliver helped the PFD obtain this new equipment, which will be used to help the citizens of Prescott, along with others, as needed.

At the start of the exercise, the weather was overcast. However, it didn’t take long for the rain to move in and make the simulation more real as many wrecks occur in inclement weather. The PFD and NCAS worked together to “extract” a victim from a mini-van, as the victim was trapped due to a collision. “Being able to train closely,” Gummeson said, “in these situations, the fire department and ambulance service are better prepared for these events in real life.”

The PFD is made up of 16 firemen along with a chaplain. Joe Heath is the PFD chief. The department also has four pumper trucks, one being specifically dedicated for extraction and medical assistance.

Gummeson thanked Bypass Diesel for the use of its facility and the vehicles for training.