Hope Public School Band Concert

By Staff, 04/26/18 8:48 PM

HOPE-The Hope Public Schools hosted a band concert tonight Thursday, April 26. The concert took place in the Hempstead Hall auditorium.

There were eighty students from the HAPS and Beryl Henry schools to start the concert series. The students performed songs such as twinkle twinkle little star and Mary had a little lamb. Awards were presented for the best in class and most improved then the Bobcat awards were presented to multiple students.

The middle school band also performed three separate classes so they don’t get perform together everyday. The schools include Yerger and HAPS. The have one for the students who have played before then two separate classes for those who are beginners in middle school. Awards were presented to the members of the middle school band.

Members of the high school band joined the middle school band on stage and performed “Forever.” The song was dedicated to a lost teacher Mrs. Terry after the song was performed their was a moment of silence.

The high school band has attended three marching competitions and rating excellent at each event. The battle of valley forge drum march. Awards were presented then the high school band then performed two other songs bringing the concert to an end.