NSD preparing for new school year

By Staff, 07/12/18 9:39 PM

ROSSTON – Nevada’s School Board met earlier than usual in the month and was informed the district is getting ready for the 2018-19 school year.

Rick McAfee, superintendent of the Nevada School District, said seniors aren’t happy the district had to move graduation to a later date, but this couldn’t be helped because the state changed the date for some of its testing.

New Nevada Principal Jason Arrington, said the district had a great week for in-service with seven new elementary teachers and six new high school teachers on hand. A lot of adjustments had to be made, he told the board, as everyone got used to one another, but all came together and collaborated well.

He said the FBLA students had a good trip to Baltimore, MD, where one team and two individual competed in the nationals. The students, he added, enjoyed the trip and learned a lot of history.

McAfee said everyone enjoyed the energy from the new teachers and when school begins on Aug. 13, all teaching positions will have been filled. The final one was the hiring of Josh Baldwin from Magnolia, as the new science teacher for the district. Baldwin will also be the assistant coach for baseball and the strength coach for the baseball and basketball teams.

He told the board the Spring Hill district is in turmoil as its superintendent recently resigned and accepted a job as assistant principal in charge of curriculum for Texas High with the Texas Independent School District in Texarkana. Other districts, he continued, are scrambling to find teachers to fill vacancies.

The board approved entering into an ALE contract with the Hope School District and was informed the district would only be charged for students sent to ALE.

The board also approved advertising for bids for three buses, eight used tires and a 2007 Dodge Durango with 163,000 miles on it. Sealed bids will be taken and opened at the August meeting of the board.

Tankersley won the food and milk bids for the Nevada district.

In talking about the in-service, McAfee said everyone was trained on the Promethean Boards and the teachers were reminded teaching is more than technology as they will have to assume several roles to help their students.

Enrollment is Aug. 7, with the first day of classes Aug. 13. The next board meeting is Aug. 30.