QC approves grant resolutions

By Staff, 08/6/18 11:33 AM

PRESCOTT – In a special meeting of the Nevada County Quorum Court on Aug. 1, three resolutions were approved for a grant application.

The court met to discuss the resolutions required for a $75,000 grant for the Oak Grove Community Center. This is a 90-10 matching grant through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC).

Mary Godwin, executive director of the Prescott-Nevada County Economic Development Office, said the resolutions were required to apply for the grant, which must go through the county. Oak Grove will be required to sign a lease agreement, making it responsible for the 10 percent matching fund.

Godwin pointed out the legal work doesn’t need to be done until it’s known whether or not the grant will be approved. The resolutions, though, had to be approved to take the next step.

The resolutions,  all approved, prohibit the excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies within the applicant’s jurisdiction; state Oak Grove meets the eligibility requirements to apply for the grant; and a community involvement plan.

Godwin was thanked for the work she’s done on getting grants for the city and McRae Park, along with the Johnson Sports Complex.