Ivey charged with assault

By submitted, 02/1/19 12:49 PM

HOPE – At approximately 8:10 a.m., on January 29, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to Wadley Regional Medical Center in reference to a domestic battery that had already occurred.

Upon arrival at Wadley Regional Medical Center he made contact with 22-year-old Victim Krista Ivey and her friend, Ivey stated she was at home this morning at 287 Hempstead 55 and at approximately 7:00 a.m. James Ivey began punching her in the head and hit her approximately 10 times.  She stated he pulled her off of the bed and she ran into the living room.  She stated  she told her oldest child, to go into the other room as he was in the living room at that time.  She stated James then put his arms around her neck and put her in a “choke hold”.  She stated James began to “choke” her and she then blacked out.

Victim stated when she regained consciousness, she was laying with her head on the steps in the living room.  She stated James then stomped on the side of her head.  She stated he pulled her up and got behind her and started strangling her again.  She stated she reached behind her and pulled some of his hair so he let her go.  She stated he pushed her and he grabbed his gun.

Victim stated James grabbed a rifle he keeps in the living room and pointed it at her.  She stated she knows the gun is usually loaded.  She stated James put the gun to her head and stated “I ought to kill you”.

Victim stated she doesn’t know if she passed out at that point but she didn’t remember anything after that.  She stated the next thing she remembered was James having her load the children in the car so they could take one of them to the daycare.  She stated James refused to give her phone back to her until they got to the daycare.  She stated as soon as she walked child into the daycare, she asked them to call 911.  She stated after Officer Tillman arrested James, she was told to go to Wadley Emergency Room to get her injuries assessed.  She stated after the altercation she realized she had been bitten on both arms and also one of her bottom rear teeth was broken as well.

Deputy Sorensen observed that Krista’s face was red and swollen and there were scratches along her forehead, there were red marks and swelling on Krista’s throat consistent with strangulation. He also observed a bite mark on Krista’s upper right arm and another bite mark on her left elbow.  There were multiple scratches on both of Krista’s arms and what appeared to be the remains if a broken tooth in the back of Krista’s mouth.

Deputies located a Marlin .22 caliber rifle with a brown wooden stock and what appeared to be dried blood near the butt of the rifle. A check revealed James was on probation and was not allowed to own any firearms and she stated that she believes this was the only firearm in the house.

James Ivey was transported to the HCDF where he was booked for aggravated assault on a family member, 1st degree battery, and possession of firearm by certain persons.