H & R Block Donates To Hope For Paws

By Mark Keith, 07/10/19 11:26 AM

There was much joy at the Hope Animal Shelter on Jones Street at the Fair Park Gate Wednesday morning as H & R Block donated $900 to Hope for Paws.  H & R Block has a program where new customers can designated a donation from H & R Block to their favorite non-profit.  H & R Block welcomes adding new qualified non-profits to the program.  For details, interested persons can stop by the H & R Block location on North Hervey in the Martin’s Plaza Shopping Center.  Pictured are Signe Davis of H & R Block along with Carol Robinson and Jo Ann Sandlin of Hope for Paws plus Hope Animal Control Officer Tammy Austin.  Many of the others present “foster” dogs for Hope for Paws.  These “fosters” live with their foster family temporarily until they can be relocated to forever homes in other parts of the country.  Hope for Paws’ efforts have led to literally thousands of dogs locally being saved from euthanasia and being placed in loving homes. Anthony said Hope for Paws is always looking for volunteers to foster dogs and will even provide food for the fostered animals.  If you’d like to learn more about fostering dogs, phone Sandlin at 703-3054.    Others in the photo include Delma Stewart, Dusty Kidd, Rose Richards, Christine Sparks, Crystal Markcum, and Alice Mae Yeager.