Dr. Hanson Gives COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 04/6/20 12:10 PM

A local doctor asks that persons with possible COVID-19 symptoms to call ahead before visiting theirs or any other health care provided. Dr. Allyson Price Hanson of the Trinity Christus Clinic in Hope says “Our policy right now is we’re having folks call ahead. We’ve split our clinic into a “sick” side and a “well” side so we can continue to see well patients and refill those chronic medications that patients are needing. Patients that are concerned about coming in to the clinic and possibly being exposed to somebody this is sick doesn’t have to worry about that.” Dr. Hanson continues, “Sick patients are asked to stay in their car, then they are brought into the “sick” side through a separate entrance. We’re also willing to step outside and see patients in their car…and one thing that our clinic has initiated since COVID-19 has started spreading is telemedicine. You can call up here now and after you download a ZOOM app on your phone, tablet, or iPad you can have a meeting with us where everything’s online so you don’t even have to leave your home.”
Should a patient comes in and the doctors are concerned they could be a carrier of COVID-19 or currently affected with it, the clinic can set up a test for that patient.
Dr. Hanson says she cannot stress enough to wash your hands. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to wash your hands and to wash them throughly, not just a quick little dip in the water but over twenty seconds of continuous scrubbing and making sure you get every aspect of it covered,” said Dr. Hanson. She continues “there’s lots of handwashing up here in the clinic, we’re all wearing masks with patients now…thoroughly sanitizing every room, every surface as soon as the patient leaves”.
When asked whether persons should wear masks out in public, Dr. Hanson replied, “I don’t think it would hurt. I know the CDC has recommended if you have a mask that you wear it in public and I’m very proud they’ve come on out with that recommendation because every little bit helps”. She also added, “I’ve encouraged my family, if they leave the house, to wear a mask”.
Dr. Hanson says the best thing the public can do now is “just stay home”. She says, “i think people really need to understand how important it is that if you leave your house it’s only for the essentials”.
When asked how the public can break up the monotony, Dr. Hanson replied, “If you have a porch you can sit on, I think it is good to get outside and get fresh air. It’s very important that you’re not around other people, that if you are around other people you’re maintaining a six foot separation with social distancing. I’m hoping that all these precautions we are taking now will benefit us in the future. The best secnario that can happen with this is at the end of it we feel we overreacted and if we feel that way then that means it was successful…and we were able to keep the cases down.”
Should you need to contact Dr. Hanson’s office the number is 722-1020.