No new cases at Cummins unit

By submitted, 04/15/20 9:48 AM

LITTLE ROCK – There are no new positive cases Tuesday from Cummins Unit. Division of Corrections Director Dexter Payne says the department is doing everything it can to keep the inmates and staff safe. All inmates and staff have been given masks and barracks are being moved one at a time for recreation and dining. US Attorney General Bill Barr assured the Governor in a phone call that the CDC and Federal Bureau of Prisons are addressing the needs at the federal facility in Forrest City.
·      The Arkansas Department of Health continues to increase the amount of staff working on contact tracing. The department plans to have 150 people working to track the chain of transmission.
·      The Governor issued two executive orders Tuesday. The first allows first responders and front line health care workers to file worker’s compensation for COVID-19 related claims. The second provides medical emergency responders with liability immunity.
·      Message boards on Arkansas highways will be reminding drivers that recreational lodging to out-of-state travelers is prohibited.