UA/Cossatot Releases Statement

By Dale Gathright, Jr., 04/17/20 1:32 PM

DE QUEEN – April 16, 2020


The COVID-19 outbreak continues to be the dominating presence in our daily lives and at UA Cossatot. From day one of this outbreak, we have been focused on the safety of our students, staff, and stakeholders and as we move forward, we will continue to do just that. According to most models that predict the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak for the United States, the peak in Arkansas is expected to occur around May 2nd. With this information, and input from colleagues around the state, it makes good sense for all of us at UA Cossatot to continue what we are presently doing. This means until at least May 1st, our campuses will continue to be closed to students and visitors and our employees will continue to work on campus, or from home if they are set up to do so. Those that do come to campus to work will be under strict guidance to practice social distancing and when at all possible, wear masks to protect each other.

We will continue to serve and provide all the resources our students need to be successful in their online learning environment. We do have a plan in place to take care of our hands-on, technical course students. That will occur after May 1st, providing it is safe to do so and we have the proper permissions from the UA System.

As for the summer and fall semesters, our registration is open for both semesters. We have made our entire registration process available online for the safety and convenience of our students. Our website contains all the information students need to register:

Our summer term will feature ONLY online courses, including some new and innovative courses that our faculty have put together to accommodate our students.

We are planning on a full and normal fall 2020 semester.

These are unprecedented and unexplored times but we will all make it through by working together. You can always find more UA Cossatot information on Facebook (ED88 and UAC) and on our CCCUA.EDU website.

Thank You,

Dr. Steve Cole
Chancellor, UA Cossatot