Three cases of COVID-19 in county

By Staff, 05/11/20 10:26 AM

PRESCOTT – As far as the coronavirus is concerned, things are quiet in Nevada County.

Dr. Michael Young, Nevada County Health Officer, said all the tests he’s done have been negative and there’s only one confirmed case in the county, with two that are questionable. “Folks are behaving,” he said. “They’re  wearing their masks and observing social distancing.”

As far as medical practice at the Prescott Family Clinic goes, the staff is still doing curbside medicine and going out to people’s vehicles. He said this will continue if the patients are comfortable with it. “I’m reticent about returning to ‘normal’ now. I don’t think this is gone. I don’t think people need to be in a hurry to return to ‘normal’.”

However, according to, there are now three confirmed cases of COVID-19 with one recovered. Dr. Young pointed out this website is updated throughout the day and the Arkansas Department of Health doesn’t notify him with every new case.