Jack Daniels Farm In Bodcaw Damaged By Storm

By Staff, 05/17/20 8:55 PM

The Jack and Sunny Daniels farm in Bodcaw suffered damage from the storms Saturday evening.  According to Daniels (who supplied these pictures) the storm hit about 5:55pm and came from the east.  Daniels said he’s never had a storm come from that direction  He said the National Weather Service sent two representatives to his farm and told him it was an EF1 tornado.  According to Daniels, the tornado path began in the woods in the back of the farm and picked up his 100 foot hay barn.  The barn was carried over the Miracle Farms Market and the Daniels house and came to rest in their neighbor’s hay meadow about 800 feet away.  Daniels also suffered additional damage to another barn and minor damage at his home.  He also said they received about 3 inches of rain in 15 minutes.