COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 05/22/20 3:58 PM

As of Friday afternoon, there were 5,612 cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas.  There have been 4.029 recoveries and there are 1.470 active cases in the state.

Hempstead County has dropped back to 11 confirmed cases.  There have been 7 recoveries and 1 death.  There are 3 active cases

Nevada County has 4 confirmed cases, 3 recoveries, and 1 active case

Lafayette County has 9 confirmed cases, 8 recoveries, 1 death, and no active cases

Howard County has increased to 15 confirmed cases, 14 recoveries, and 1 active case

Little River County has one confirmed case and it is still active

Sevier County has jumped to 62 confirmed cases, 23 recoveries, 1 death, and 38 active cases