Upgrades Planned for Bingen Community Center

By Dale Gathright, Jr., 06/10/20 3:29 PM
BINGEN – Planning is underway for repairs and improvements to the Bingen Community Center.
Among the planned projects, as money becomes available, is replacement poles for the fence that runs adjacent to the county road. Correct replacement poles have not been located.

One of the upcoming projects that has garnered some donations is the community center’s front awning. Plans are to remove it and replace it with a much heavier built awning that is both visually appealing and has enough pitch to run off water and not allow debris to gather. According to a social media post, “The labor is donated, the metal roofing materials have been donated, and a $50 cash designated donation was received for this project. The entire project materials list is $300, so we are $250 away from starting the replacement.”

Additional work includes painting the facility before fall, and it appears that will not be a cost as it hoped materials have been donated, and upgrading the Bingen Community Center/Owens Park sign on Highway 27.

“Hopefully we will have the place looking military clean over the next few months. Please bear with us and remember everything you see folks doing around there is voluntary. But the volunteers see it as necessary. We vote at the community center, it’s been a location in our area for many many years, many area families have fond memories of the location, and it’s deserves to continue on,” the post added.

“If you or your family ever feel compelled to make a donation. We would be more than happy to recognize your donation.”

Donations to the building can be sent to:
Bingen Community Center
183 Hempstead 352
Nashville, AR 71852

Donations can also be given to board members Mark Dale, Jeff Lemons, Eli VanCamp, Michael Beene, John Bradford and Bennie Bradford.