Wadley Regional Medical Center Hope Curtails New Inpatient Admissions

By Staff, 07/10/20 6:04 AM

As you are likely aware the number of COVID-19 patients in Southwest Arkansas has
increased significantly in the past weeks, resulting in rising hospitalizations. Like area
residents, we are concerned about this trend.
We want to assure our community we have been and will continue to work to ensure safe and
accessible healthcare for all in need. Our hospital is open, outpatient testing and therapy are
being scheduled and our emergency room continues to be a safe place to treat all
emergencies. Our staff are working hard to make you feel safe when seeking care.
As a result of the increase in COVID-19, we have made some short-term changes. We are
temporarily curtailing new inpatient admissions to the Hope campus, but we continue treating
the patients we currently have. Be confident that any patient coming to our ER will be cared for
and if needed, may be sent directly to Wadley in Texarkana for admission.
Reducing the spread of COVID-19 requires everyone to participate in safe practices
throughout our daily lives — every day, every time. We are asking the people of Hope and
Hempstead County to do these three simple things that are proven to slow or stop the
spread of the virus:
1. Wear a face mask in public
2. Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from others
3. Practice frequent handwashing
It is important we continue to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for our
health and economic wellbeing of our community. Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope
is committed to serving our community by providing compassionate care in a safe setting.