City of Hope COVID-19 Statement

By City of Hope, Arkansas, 07/16/20 3:54 PM


HOPE – The City of Hope has released the following statement regarding COVID-19:

The COVID Conundrum
There is a lot of information provided daily about COVID with varying reactions by citizens and leaders. While there may be yet a lot to learn about this Virus, we have sufficient knowledge to provide calm and rational leadership in this difficult time. Certainly, we are being challenged with resources and support, and this may get worse. But, much like our fellow Marines fighting on Guadalcanal when they lost naval support; the majority of their rations and ammunition; and faced a superior number of supported enemy forces… they didn’t quit, give up hope, stop believing, or turn on one another. They adapted, fought, survived, overcame and eventually obtained the necessary support needed for the first American victory of WWII. The key is to remain a team, don’t panic, don’t fight each other; but rather believe you can, make the hard choices and take the basic steps needed to stop the spread. There are few forces more powerful than the human-spirit.

Our Nation must work together to solve this problem. Every YOU a Soldier YOU. Every You a team player. Every Member an Important Member.

Here is what we absolutely KNOW about the Virus Enemy:
1. Infected Persons may not be aware they are infected for several days and may not ever know.
2. Shedding of the virus is at its highest early in the infection prior to infection indication.
3. All symptom indicators are lagging indicators. Once you have symptoms, you have shed the virus for some time.

The Good News on How to WIN the Fight
1. The routine wearing of a mask/face-covering in public, 6-foot social distancing, regular hand sanitizing and reducing social interactions to essential functions are the most effective tools to prevent the spread of COVID. It is estimated that if all of us would do these few simple things, we would win or bring the fight under control in 4-8weeks.
2. It’s not expensive and Everyone has the power to do it.
3. The Nation Needs You to Say YES to wearing a Face-Covering, Social Distancing, regular sanitizing and limiting social interactions to performing needed activities that support the Nation, Life and Family.
4. Together We can Stop the Spread. We are the new Soldier Protecting the Nation. All for One and One For ALL. IT’S YOUR CHOICE………….