Riding the Bus Rules for Back to School

By Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools, 07/28/20 10:49 AM


HOPE – Riding the bus to and from school will look and feel different in the Hope Public Schools District for the school year which begins Aug. 24. HPS Transportation/Facilities Director Maurice Henry announced specific protocols for bus riders that reflect district guidance for the COVID-19 crisis.

“All of this is for the direction we have at the present time; it could change at any time,” Henry said.

He said the new protocols follow the “practical and feasible” application of Arkansas Department of Health and CDC guidance.

Henry asked parents of HPS students to review the new rules with their children, which are available on the district website at www.hpsdistrict.org online under the COVID-19 tab.

“We start with the parents as the place where safety starts,” Henry said.

Riding the bus rules include:

1.     At the bus stop: Social distancing 6 feet apart; each rider should wear a face covering.

2.     At the bus door: Use hand sanitizer provided before boarding.

3.     Got to your seat:

>Take the open seat in rear of bus farthest from the front door.

>The Bus Driver will eventually assign seats for the year.

>The seating chart for your bus will be followed all year.

>New riders will be assigned seats as “practical and feasible.”

4. While riding the bus:

>Wear face covering the entire time.

>Keep your hands to yourself.

>Practice social distancing by staying in your assigned seat.

5. Arrive at school:

>Bus unloads one seat at a time from the front.

>Stay in your assigned seat until your turn to get off the bus.

>Wear your face covering while getting off the bus.

>Go from the bus to your assigned building entrance.

6. Returning home: Follow rules 1-5 to go home.