Storm wreaks havoc in county, city

By PHOTOS SUBMITTED, 08/28/20 9:41 AM

PRESCOTT – Thursday’s storm, remnants from Hurricane Laura, slammed into Prescott and Nevada County, leaving trees down and power out in several areas.

Nevada County Judge Mark Glass said there are still trees in power lines in the county and crews are waiting for utility companies to arrive so the trees can be removed. He plans to drive the county and assess the damage today.

He said crews could have worked all night, but were told not to because the high winds made it too dangerous. Overall, he said, trees were down all over the county.

Prescott Mayor Terry Oliver said the main part of the storm went East of the county, but still did damage in Prescott. Utility poles were almost blown over at Firestone, requiring electricity to the factory to be shut off till the situation could be corrected. Otherwise, he said, trees were down all over town, more so than usual after a storm, adding the gusts were hit and miss around town, but sometimes were around 70 miles an hour.

“Debris was everywhere,” Oliver said.

However, no injuries were reported due to the storm.