Sales tax up in city, county

By Staff, 09/11/20 9:30 AM

PRESCOTT – Sales tax collection is up in the city and county.

A report from the Prescott-Nevada County Economic Development Office, shows the city’s sales tax brought in $81,578.26 in July, while the tax in the county generated $270,174,79. This time last year the city’s tax was 475,494.02, while the figure in the county was $266,942.87. That’s an increase of $6,084.24 for the city and $3,231.92 for the county.

To date, the sales tax has generated $482,742.74 in Prescott and $1,731,599.94 in the county.

Overall, the sales tax breaks down like this: 6.5 percent for the state; 2 percent for the city and 1  percent for the county, or 9.5 percent in total.