Campuses Produce Lincoln Learning Tutorials

By Ken McLemore/Hope Public Schools, 09/22/20 5:32 PM

HOPE –Hope Public Schools students and teachers have produced tutorial videos available now on campus websites to answer Frequently Asked Questions about navigating the Lincoln Learning online platform which all HPS students currently use.

Clinton Primary School opted to offer a three-session live “Parent Night” tutorial for parents and students on campus.

All five campuses have provided informational venues for common issues encountered by students using the Lincoln Learning platform in the Hope from Home Virtual Academy.

Items covered have included:

–How to log in to the device.

–Hog to log into applicable programs.

–How to check email.

–How to monitor notifications.

–Navigating the Lincoln Learning platform.

–How to obtain feedback on assignments.

–How to navigate lessons.

–Uploading documents and submitting student work.

–How to download and use PDF documents.

Teachers at Hope High School have also scheduled conference hours each Thursday and Friday to troubleshoot problems; and, three videos, “Discussions in Lincoln Learning”,“Uploading Work with ‘To Do’ List”, and “How to Upload Lincoln Learning Work” are currently posted on the HHS website. HHS teachers also have access to view student computer screens through the GoGuardian application to resolve questions about Lincoln Learning.

A tutorial video produced from a livestream Facebook session conducted at Hope Academy of Public Service is available on the HAPS Facebook page online.

Student-led tutorial videos have also been posted online from Yerger Middle School and Beryl Henry Elementary School.

All campus websites may be accessed under the “Schools” toolbar button at online.