Hit & Run Arrest

By Dale Gathright, Jr., 11/16/20 4:02 PM

Hempstead County Deputies were dispatched to the 700 block of Hempstead County Road 30 Saturday evening in reference to a hit and run.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Casey Butler who advised that she was sitting on her four-wheeler on the side of Hempstead 30 talking on the phone. Casey stated that she observed a vehicle drive over the hill, and the vehicle began moving towards her. Casey stated that before she could move, the  vehicle struck the four-wheeler that she was sitting on.

Deputies made contact with Carroll Bono, who, according to Sheriff James Singleton, provided the following narrative. “He advised that he was traveling on his four-wheeler behind his daughter when he observed a car strike her four-wheeler. Carroll advised that the vehicle glanced off her four-wheeler and struck his four-wheeler. Bono advised that he turned his four-wheeler around in an attempt to stop the vehicle. He advised that he drove up beside the vehicle and yelled at the driver to stop. Bono advised that the driver (allegedly) attempted to run him off the road and into the ditch. Bono said the car then pulled into a driveway and he pulled in behind the vehicle and got off to talk to the driver. He advised that another deer camp member made it to the driver’s side of the car and the driver’s window was rolled down a couple of inches.”

Bono stated “the driver then put the vehicle in reverse and began to back up and the other camp member broke the window out of the driver’s side. Bono told authorities he ran to the rear of the vehicle and attempted to move his four-wheeler before the car then sped forwarded striking his daughter Cara Bono. Carroll stated that Cara was  thrown on the hood of the vehicle and then rolled off in the ditch. He stated that the car then ran over Cara and struck another four-wheeler before the car then drove off.”

A witness stated to deputies that the person driving the car was (allegedly) Jameson Threadgill.

A short time later Hope Police Department had received a call that Jameson Threadgill was walking down Walker Street in Hope. HPD officers took Threadgill into custody and transported him to the jail.

Threadgill was booked for Leaving the Scene of An Accident, Reckless Driving, Driving Left of Center, Driving while License Suspended, Public Intoxication, and for Failure to Appear from Hope District Court.