COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 11/22/20 8:10 PM

As of Sunday afternoon, Arkansas had 145,173 cumulative cases of COVID-19.  There have been 125,153 recoveries and 2,357 deaths.  There were 17,646 active cases.

Hempstead County has had 806 cumulative cases.  There have been 701 recoveries and 6 deaths.  There were 99 active cases.

Nevada County has had 425 cumulative cases of COVID-19.  There have been 363 recoveries and 14 deaths.  There were 48 active cases.

Lafayette County has had 3 deaths and had 21 active cases.

Little River County has has 40 deaths and had 70 active cases.

Howard County has had 15 deaths and had 57 active cases.

Sevier County has had 17 deaths and had 86 active cases.

Columbia County had 129 active cases.

Miler County had 147 active cases.

Pike County had 45 active cases.

Clark County had 106 active cases.