Glass’s letters to Santa

By submitted, 12/21/20 7:11 AM

Dear Santa,
We are very excited about you coming to see us this year! We hope we are on the good list and that you bring us lots of presents under our trees. We have made a list of the number one thing we want for Christmas. Billy wants a pet cat. Serenity wants a unicorn. William wants a moose. Jayson wants a dirt bike. Kage wants a robot. Bryson wants a Wild Kratt toy. Adam wants a big giant robot. Kylee wants a new ride-on scooter. Ameliah wants a real dog. Kenley wants makeup. Autumn wants a present pet. Corbyn wants an X-Box. Journie wants an IPhone 12. Trevor wants an Iphone 11. We hope you enjoy the milk and cookies that we leave for you! Merry Christmas!