COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 01/12/21 7:06 AM

As of Monday there were 256,344 cumulative cases of COVID-19 in the state.  There have been 226,700 recoveries and 4,081 deaths.  There were 25,534 active cases.

Hempstead County has had 1,377 cumulative cases.  There have been 1,249 recoveries and 11 deaths.  There were 116 active cases.

Nevada County has had 627 cumulative cases.  There have been 574 recoveries and 22 deaths.  There were 31 active cases.

Miller County has had 25 deaths and had 198 active cases.

Lafayette County has had 6 deaths and had 23 active cases.

Columbia County has had 45 deaths and had 107 active cases.

Union County has had 77 deaths and had 294 active cases.

Little River County has had 39 deaths and had 69 active cases.

Howard County has had 18 deaths and had 50 active cases.

Sevier County has had 23 deaths and had 63 active cases.