COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 01/19/21 6:50 AM

As of Monday there were 272,263 cumulative cases of  COVID in Arkansas.  There have been 245,096 recoveries and 4,343 deaths.  There were 22,794 active cases.

Hempstead County has had 1,464 cumulative cases.  There have been 1,337 recoveries and 11 deaths.  There were 115 active cases.

Nevada County has had 649 cumulative cases.  There have been 602 recoveries and 22 deaths.  There were 25 active cases.

Miller County has had 26 deaths and had 148 active cases.

Lafayette County has had 7 deaths and had 22 active cases.

Columbia County has had 47 deaths and 100 active cases.

Union County has had 83 deaths and had 286 active cases.

Little River County has had 39 deaths and had 51 active cases.

Howard County has had 20 deaths and had 38 active cases.

Sevier County has had 23 deaths and 55 active cases.