COVID-19 Update

By Staff, 02/4/21 6:03 AM

As of Thursday afternoon, there were 300,430 cumulative cases of COVID in Arkansas.  There have been 278,882 recoveries and 4,985 deaths.  There were 16,533 active cases.

Hempstead County has had 1,669 cumulative cases.  There have been 1,547 recoveries and 14 deaths.  There were 107 active cases.

Nevada County has had 727 cumulative cases.  There have been 666 recoveries and 24 deaths.  There were 37 active cases.

Ouachita County has had 46 deaths and had 161 active cases.

Miller County has had 29 deaths and had 138 active cases.

Lafayette County has had 7 deaths and had 34 active cases.

Columbia County has had 52 deaths and had 115 active cases.

Union County has had 93 deaths and had 190 active cases.

Little River County has had 40 deaths and had 43 active cases.

Howard County has had 23 deaths and had 93 active cases.

Sevier County has had 25 deaths and had 73 active cases.