Chief Wilson Thanks Wadley In Hope

By Hope Police Chief J.R. Wilson, 02/5/21 7:38 AM

A North Star, Leading the Way

Recently, my family experienced a terrible tragedy in the loss of our father to COVID pneumonia.  But in the midst of that horrible experience, Wadley Regional Medical Center of Hope Arkansas was truly a North Star, guiding us through a dark time.  In addition to delivering kind, compassionate, professional and aggressive medical care as would be expected of any health care provider, nurses and doctors went far beyond our expectations by initiating contact with us on a daily basis providing updates and allowing us to communicate with our father (I suspect sometimes via the staff’s personal cell phones).  Even when our father became a little combative with staff, they took it all in stride with the greatest professionalism and demeanor.   The attending physician, Doctor Miller, made time for a conference call with my family to ask questions and discuss treatments.  Both of my sisters are in the medical profession in other states and asked frank and detailed questions of Dr. Miller to gain our assurance of best care.  Dr. Miller was not only professional, articulate and knowledgeable displaying high competency, he was also personal, caring and understanding.  He and the other staff gave our family the confidence that all that could be done was being done for our loved one.  As we neared the end of our journey, both Wadley Regional of Hope working with Kindred Hospice gave us the precious gift of our last few hours with the man that had always been by our side.


Our local hospital along with Kindred Hospice provided professionalism, guidance and compassion to my family in a very painful moment making it more bearable.  I have never experienced such service from any other medical provider like that of Wadley Regional of Hope. They are truly a jewel in our community, our North Star shinning in the darkest of nights.   Thank you all so very much.  One family is  forever grateful.


JR Wilson