Wise Men tells of family’s sacrifice

By Dr. Charles Vermont, 04/30/21 9:20 AM

This is a book by Beau Wise(who many in Hope know) and Tom Sileo. It is about Hope’s own tale akin to the movie Saving Private Ryan. Beau Wise is the sole survivor of a family who went to war. The three were the sons of the late Dr. Gene Wise and his wife Mary.
The book is suffused with faith and family as well as the details of war. A Seal,a Green Beret,and a Marine went to war against Islamic extremists. Throughout the book we see the courage and striving to live up to the exploits of the other brothers.Jeremy and Ben died in combat in Afghanistan. Jeremy’s death is depicted in the movie Zero Dark Thirty when he was working for the CIA. He intervened in a security breach losing his life to save many. The movie does not identify him.
Ben lost his life going into a cave in a shootout.
As a sole survivor Beau was then kept out combat.
They were praised by the highest in the government with letters written to family members by:Leon Panetta,General David Petraeus,Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama. These letters are in the book.
Beau and Tom Sileo discussed the book on C-Span. Personally, I had many discussions with Dr.Wise during the era that events took place. He was very proud of his sons. I do believe that grief must have been part of his untimely death.
This is also another instance of a small town in the South,Hope Arkansas, producing remarkable people.