Rainfall Up Over 7 Inches For First Six Months Of 2021 In Hope

By Staff, 07/6/21 11:22 AM

Rainfall for the first six months of 2021 is up 7.52 inches over normal in Hope.  That according to weather statistics released by the Southwest Research and Extension Center east of Hope which serves as the official weather station for Hope.  Year to date rainfall at the end of June was 35.73 inches compared to normal rainfall of 28.21 inches.

June was slightly below average on rainfall  4.08 inches of rain was recorded for Hope in June while the average is 4.61 inches.  Also, Hope’s rainfall disproved the “old wives tale” about a month having 15 days of rain if it rains on the first day of the month.  Hope received .03 of an inch on June 1st but only posted 9 days of measurable rainfall in June.

June was quite comfortable most days.  The lowest temperature was 57 degrees recorded on June 1st.  Two other days had lows in the 50’s including June 23rd which saw a low temperature of 59 degrees.  The high temperature for June and for the summer so far is 94 degrees recorded June 14th.