The Blevins School Board met Monday evening, July 12th, at 6:30pm in the Blevins School Cafeteria. The meeting started with prayer, the pledge, and the approval of the last meeting’s minutes.

One of the first issues addressed was a parent’s grievance. The parent appeared before the board and voiced their concerns over the denied transfer of a student. The parent wished to transfer their child from Blevins to another school district, primarily citing specific opportunities offered at the other institution as their reason for wanting to leave. The school board explained that the reason the transfer was denied was the request for the transfer was submitted after the deadline. The parent replied that they had been unaware of the deadline until it had already passed, and set about submitting the request as quickly as possible once they had found out. Nonetheless, the school board upheld its prior ruling, denying the transfer.

Another matter discussed was a number of alterations to the Student Handbook. These changes included tightening the age/grade restrictions for those attending Jr. Prom, a new policy for using personal electronics during the school day, and an alteration to the school dress code. In addition, a description of ISS is being included, as well as the specification that those in ISS cannot leave early to attend activities or sporting events. The updated Student Handbook will be available on the Blevins School District website.

Finally, Superintendent Dixon proposed the purchase of some additional Chromebooks. While the school has long worked towards – and achieved – acquiring enough devices to have one for each student, several were damaged over the last school year. Dixon asked for the purchase of 20 new Chromebooks, to both replace the damaged ones, and to have a few extras on hand in case of future mishaps. She also expressed reluctance towards charging students and their families for accidental damages to the Chromebooks, addressing how it could become a sudden, significant financial burden. For the time being, the school will continue to supply Chromebooks to each student as a valuable learning tool.

Other issues discussed include the renewal of the school’s APEX program, the introduction of a new district-wide math curriculum, the requesting of a school resource officer, and the approval of several bids for supplies and food for the upcoming school year.

The meeting’s minutes can be found on the Blevins School District’s web page.