Hope Lions Hear Program On Garrett Memorial Christian School

By Staff, 08/3/21 7:23 AM

The Hope Lions Club heard an outstanding program on Garrett Memorial Christian School Monday.  Administrator Christi Zumwalt and Board President Danny Lauterbach brought the program.  Zumwalt said the school is entering its 21st year.  There are students from Hempstead, Nevada, and Lafayette County.  There will be 21 students in kindergarten this year and the school graduated its largest class, 21, this year.  Student-teacher ratio is 1 to 6 and most classes have about 9 students.  Zumwalt says the school offers a “quality education from a Christian worldview”.   In addition to the high school offerings, juniors and seniors take concurrent college courses from UAHT.  For more info on the school, visit the website gmcssaints.com