Express RX donates to OYEA program

By Staff, 08/12/21 11:01 AM

PRESCOTT – Christmas came early for the OYEA program as representatives from Express RX donated $2,500 to it Thursday morning.

Galen Perkins, CEO of Express RX, and Matt Wilson presented the check to Fred Harris and Dennis Guidry.

The two were given a tour of the facilities, and told how this is a program unique to the Prescott School District as the students aren’t out anything to participate. All expenses are paid, mostly through donations and the sale of sausage from the Whole Hog program which sells breakfast and summer sausages. They were told how the most state-of-the-art science is used in breeding all of the animals and plans for the future..

Guidry said this program allows some children access to animals they wouldn’t have had otherwise because of where they live of their income level. He added the students who plan to show animals at the Nevada County Fair are required to come to the farm every day to feed and care for the animal they’ll be showing. In addition, they were told how elementary school students get to visit the farm and pet the animals. The idea is to foster an interest and keep the program running.

Harris said the program basically lost last year to COVID-19, but is looking to rebound this year with more students showing animals at the county fair in September.