Hempstead County Quorum Court

By Staff, 10/28/21 5:57 PM

The Hempstead County Quorum Court met Thursday for their October meeting.

Following the approval of the minutes, the JP’s moved into consideration of a grant the county has received for approximately $64,090.  This is an AAC Auto Records Systems Grant.  The JP’S approved the appropriation.

JP Ed Darling spoke about the approximately $4 million dollars the county is to receive in American Rescue Funds monies.  He noted one thing that this can be used for us premium pay for employees who have worked through the pandemic.  Darling presented three figures based on adding $1 $2, or $3 to hourly salaries.  These funds would be retroactive to 2020 and would continue through 2022.  The total amounts would be $357,000 for $1, $752,000 for $2, and about $1.1 million for $3.  Also discussed was that the funds could be used for broadband and water systems among other needs.  Discussion ensued on the tax liability for the lump sum that would be paid to employees for 2020.  JP David Clayton said he thinks they should look at acting on the money in November.  The next scheduled meeting is November 18th and action is expected then.

Sylvia Brown spoke asking for the county to set up an advisory board to make recommendations on how other American Rescue Funds are used.  Judge Jerry Crane said he will be in touch with Brown about her recommendation.

JP Jesse Henry asked about the Courthouse.  Judge Jerry Crane says he expects the county to be in the new courthouse in late December.  JP Steve Atchley said the county wanted to move on a weekend but probably can’t due to the I.T. company can’t accommodate a weekend move.  Atchley said they have met with county officials on the move and will do so again.  The meeting then adjourned.