Nevada County Republicans Hear From Sen. Matt Pitsch and Judge Joseph Wood

By Paul Rigdell, 11/21/21 9:05 PM

On Tuesday November 16th, the Nevada County Republican Committee met at the Nevada County Library.  The meeting was attended by special guest, Rep. Danny Watson, who was accompanied by Sen. Matt Pitsch who is presently running for State Treasurer.  Sen. Pitsch is majority leader in the Arkansas House of Representatives and majority whip in the Arkansas Senate.  His plan for Arkansas is to work directly with communities and help stimulate Pro Growth Economic Policies He has conservative values and is committed to effective leadership.  Also present at the meeting was Judge Joseph Wood who is running for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor.  He is Washington County Judge and Chief Executive which is one of the largest and fastest grown counties in Arkansas.  Judge Wood is also the Chairman of the Community, Economic, and Workforce Development for the National Association of Counties, the Deputy Secretary of State, he is on the Veterans and Military Services Committee, the Broadband Task Force and Advisory Counsel for the National Association of Counties  Judge Wood has strong conservative leadership skills and values and is a strong advocate for adoption and foster care and is Pro-Life.  He believes in fiscal responsibility and cutting waste.  Judge Wood stated, “As a leader who consistently delivers results, I will continue to fight for life, families, small businesses, and your freedom as Lieutenant Governor”.