Jones campaign walks a mile in Prescott

By John Miller, 09/5/22 10:13 AM

PRESCOTT – Around 50 people showed up for Chris Jones’ “Walk a Mile” political event Sunday evening.

Jones is running for Governor of Arkansas as a Democrat. He’s been visiting all 75 counties in the state, “walking a mile” in the shoes of those who live there. ” This is what it’s all about,” he said, “community over chaos. People are trying to divide us and forget us, that’s what this walk is all about.”

Jones told the audience there was a time when neighbors visited with one another, walked together, talked, sometimes fought, but always helped each other. “We had each others back,” he said. “This is to get us back to that, where we can talk, share, laugh and cry together. We’ll either fall or rise together.”

He continued, saying dreams can be made concrete and turned into reality. If elected, he added, he’ll work for all Arkansans, work to provide a high quality educational system and make this a place people can be close to each other again. “I want your vote. I’m on the ballot, but this is about all of us. We have to create a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

He had three other talking points. The first was how Arkansas can do this, though we’ve been told we can’t. The state was 50th in voter turnout in the last election. He said Arkansas is told it belongs at the bottom and there’s no way he can win this race. However, he added, the numbers are there and a million people could have voted but didn’t.

Next, he talked about his education, graduating from Morehouse College, getting two different degrees, working at NASA and earning a third degree from MIT. He said he’s the “slacker” in the family as his wife is an emergency room doctor, and veteran of the United States Air Force. “I wouldn’t be who I am if not for everything put in my from Arkansas.”

He pointed to a bumblebee pin he was wearing, promising to talk about it later. He said Arkansas has produced greatness. “We are flying, we flew in May, winning the primary, and I’m the first minority candidate in Arkansas to do so.

Before heading out for the walk, he talked about the bumblebee. He said almost 100 years ago scientists proved it was impossible for bumblebees to fly because of their body shape. However, he added, another more recent study showed, bumblebees can fly. This is because they create a vortex allowing for lift as they flap their wings. He said the voters in Arkansas are his vortex.

Goldi Gaines, candidate for State Land Commissioner, and Natalie Jones, candidate for U.S. Senate, were both on hand for the walk.