Hines honors employees at banquet

By John Miller, 05/8/23 10:53 AM

HOPE – It was a night for fun, family and celebration as Hines Trucking, Inc. honored its employees with a banquet at the Hope Coliseum Saturday.

The theme was space for the company’s “Out of this World Employees”. The evening began with Hannah Hines, general director, welcoming everyone and thanking them for their service. She reminded the gathering this was the first time since COVID hit the banquet could be held. No one seemed to mind as those present enjoyed themselves, talking, catching up and generally having a good time.

The meal was catered by Woods of Camden, and featured fish, chicken, fries, slaw, tomato relish, drinks and fried pies.

Once the meal was over, it was time for the good stuff – handing out door prizes and presenting the award winners with their plaques.

The winners in each category were:

Walter McGill 4.6 million miles
Dofort Harris 3.3 million miles
Harold Vaughn 2.9 million miles
Cornelius Beard 2.6 million miles
Miguel Castillo 2.7 million miles
Sean Hallisey 2.2 million miles
Terry Malone 2.5 million miles
Percy McGill 1.6 million miles
Todd Coffman 1.8 million miles
Charles Welch 1.7 million miles
Richard Eason 1.8 million miles
Derrill Williamson 1.9 million miles
Larry Peace 1.5 million miles
Gerhard Wunderlich 1.2 million miles
Jimmy Johnson 1.5 million miles
Ed Johnson 1.5 million miles
Rocky Wiley 1.2 million miles
John Denton 1.4 million miles
Phillip Smith 1.3 million miles
Jeff Cook 1.6 million miles
Frederick Henry 1.3 million miles
Charles Jones 1.3 million miles
Lee Lawrence 1.1 million miles
Willis Wesley 1.0 million miles
Parts Department Lisa McClure
John Moore
Service Manager Joseph Morrow
Shop Manager Greg McBride
Tire Manager David Jackson
Maintenance & Tire Department Chris Sims
Pascual Gonzalez
Samuel Grinning
Damien Mavis
Walter McGill
Chris Martinez
Robert Biddle
Alvin Gulley
IT Danny Stewart
David Lazenby
Accounting Laura Bradley
Katie Parish

Rita Peters
Paula Glass
Kolby Goodwin
Operations Darlene Wiley
Roger Buckley
Jeff McNeal
Jennifer Curry
Crystal Corbett
Safety Kris Kelley
Frankie Harris
HR/Recruiting Katye Halliday
Kiley Hines
Angie Faulkner
Holli Hawkins
Amy Mixon
Kayla Hines
This award is given to the drivers with the best drive tire mileage.
Long Haul:
3rd Place John Denton
2nd Place David Woodard
1rd Place Derrill Williamson
Short Haul:
6th Place Cornelius Beard
5th Place Phillip Smith
4th Place Fredrick Henry
3rd Place Miguel Castillo
2nd Place Derrell Woodley
1st Place Dofort Harris
This award is given one time to recognize when an employee has had no chargeable accidents for a
period of one year.
Devon Long
Todd Jones
Derry Turner
Eric Jones
Phillip Romine
Allen Anderson
Danny Adkins
Jimmy Fouse
Damien Mavis
Jennifer Curry
John Moore
Hines Trucking values and appreciates our employees and would like to honor the following
employees for their years of service:

3 years Samuel Grinning
John Reeves
Orenthal Tidwell
Randall Scott
Darren Simpson
Derry Turner
4 years Jamie Jemerson
John Dodge
George Guidry
5 years Eric Diffy
Rita Peters
Dedric Jones
David White
6 years Jack Brewer
Greg McBride
Roger Buckley
7 years Todd Jones
David Woodard
George McNease
8 years Harold Weisel
Erik Eskew
Jeff McNeal
Chris Sims
Frankie Harris
10 years Kris Kelley
Jerome Smith
11 years Earnest Nabors
Shawn Starks
Derrell Woodley
12 years Joseph Morrow
13 years Frank Smith
Rocky Wiley
Jeff Cook
14 years Danny Stewart
Lee Lawrence
Charles Jones
Phillip Smith
15 years Gerhard Wunderlich
John Denton
Ed Johnson
16 years Willis Wesley
Katie Parish
Braden Bradley
Pascual Gonzalez
Jimmy Johnson
17 years Derrill Williamson
Darlene Wiley

18 years Lisa McClure
Terry Malone
19 years Laura Bradley
Steve Brzeski
20 years Charles Welch
Sean Hallisey
Richard Eason
21 years Katye Halliday
Kiley Hines
Miguel Castillo
Larry Peace
23 years Percy McGill
24 years Todd Coffman
28 years Fredrick Henry
Harold Vaughn
30 years Cornelius Beard
Wayne Morrow
32 years Dofort Harris
43 years David Jackson
44 years Walter McGill
At this time we would like to recognize our shop and grounds custodian for the fine job he does
keeping HTI property looking its best.
Samuel Grinning
This award recognizes the top shop mechanics for the year. All mechanics employed as of January 1,
2022 were rated on a point system based on Safety, Work Quality, Attitude, Paperwork, Assignments,
Clean Work Area and Attendance.
1st Runner-Up Chris Sims
2022 Shop Employee of the Year Joseph Morrow
This award is to recognize the top three drivers for the most revenue produced in the Flatbed
Division for 2022:
3rd place Derrill Williamson
2nd place Shawn Starks
1st place George McNease
This award is to recognize the top drivers for the most loads hauled in the year 2022.
Short Haul Division:
3rd place Eric Diffy
2nd place Lynn Foster
1st place Charles Welch

This award is given for the most miles driven in 2022.
Flatbed Division:
3rd place Shawn Starks
2nd place Derrill Williamson
1st place Ed Johnson
Short Haul Division:
3rd Place Jack Brewer
2nd Place Terry Malone
1st Place Miguel Castillo
These awards are based on top individual miles per gallon for 2022.
Flatbed Division:
3rd place Shawn Starks
2nd place Derrill Williamson
1st place David Woodard
Short Haul:
3rd place Fredrick Henry
2nd place Derrell Woodley
1st place Dofort Harris
This certificate is given for every 250,000 miles of accident-free driving.
David White 250,000 miles
Orenthall Tidwell 250,000 miles
Derrell Woodley 250,000 miles
Erik Eskew 500,000 miles
Jack Brewer 500,000 miles
Gerhard Wunderlich 1,250,000 miles
Fredrick Henry 1,250,000 miles
Phillip Smith 1,250,000 miles
Jimmy Johnson 1,500,000 miles
Ed Johnson 1,500,000 miles
Jeff Cook 1,500,000 miles
Richard Eason 1,750,000 miles
Sean Hallisey 2,250,000 miles
Terry Malone 2,500,000 miles
Miguel Castillo 2,750,000 miles
These drivers have traveled away from their families, stayed in hotel rooms, and gone to great
lengths to help Hines Trucking… with their input, guidance, mentorship, and leadership of our new
hires, build a foundation of the most highly trained drivers in our industry.
2nd Runner-Up Gerhard Wunderlich
1st Runner-Up Todd Jones
2022 Trainer of the Year Harold Weisel

This award honors the top flatbed drivers based on Miles Per Gallon, Accidents/Incidents, Logs,
Write-Ups, Total Revenue, Total Miles, and Attendance.
2nd Runner-Up Shawn Starks
1st Runner-Up George McNease
2022 Long Haul Driver of the Year Derrill Williamson
This award honors the top short haul drivers based on Miles Per Gallon, Accidents/Incidents, Logs,
Write-ups, Total Loads, Total Miles, and Attendance.
2nd Runner-Up Dofort Harris
1st Runner-Up Jack Brewer
2022 Short Haul Driver of the Year Harold Vaughn