Oliver honored at QC meeting

By Staff, 01/13/17 10:40 AM

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PRESCOTT – Nevada County Clerk Julie Oliver was presented a plaque for being an outstanding citizen at the January meeting of the Nevada County Quorum Court Thursday night.

Dennis Pruitt made the presentation saying Oliver can usually be seen anywhere in the county helping people and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Eighth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Christi McQueen brought the court a new contract for the Nevada County Ambulance Service (NCAS) and an ordinance to formalize the agreement. In the past, she said, the county had paid the NCAS $25,000 a year for services while the City of Prescott paid $20,000. However, as the county’s finances have declined, Nevada County Judge Mark Glass negotiated a reduction in payment with NCAS owner Nick Hibbs with both parties agreeing on $20,000 a year. The agreement was made retroactive to Jan. 1, 2016. Otherwise, she said, the contract is the same.

Questions were raised about the cost of transporting inmates via the ambulance. Jail Administrator Preston “Pep Glenn said the county doesn’t pay for state inmates or inmates being held for other counties. The state and other counties, he said, pay $30 per day per inmate, and are required to pay all medical bills for their inmates. Inmates from Prescott and Nevada County are covered under the county’s contract with the NCAS where medical transportation is concerned.

The court approved the ordinance and gave Glass and Oliver the authority to enter into the agreement and sign the contract.

JP Willie Wilson suggested moving the court’s meetings to the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. so JP Pruitt would be able to attend, and not have to miss meetings during football season as he is a coach. The court agreed.

Glass told the court Glenn informed him the jail received a check for $73,193.75 for inmates from the state and other counties.

JP Bob Cummings proposed changing the way mileage is paid from map miles to odometer miles, as the odometer miles are more accurate. He pointed out this only affects Dale Booker, the 911 coordinator, and Curtis Lee Johnson, who regularly goes to Little Rock for court business.

Glass stopped the meeting for a moment to recognize the two new members to the court – Ryan Harvey and George Smith.

Cummings told the court the budget committee had met and decided to give the four patrol deputies a $600 a year raise. This was approved by the court. He continued saying the committee recommends the court add a full-time patrol deputy to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office as well. He pointed out the jail’s budget was figured on 45 inmates a day, but has been averaging 60 or more. The money being brought in, he said, will pay the new deputies salary.

Glass reminded the court the NCSO has talked about adding a criminal investigator to the department. Cummings said by adding a new deputy, it would allow the NCSO to move an existing deputy into the CID position. This, he continued, would also allow the NSCSO to get rid of its part-time deputies, but the budget would need to be amended accordingly.

Wilson told the court the Ila Upchurch Banquet will be held in April at the Prescott High School cafeteria with this year’s theme being “Saluting the Blue”.

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