Grandview Prairie hosting archaeology sessions

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COLUMBUS – The Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center in Columbus invites you to join us for Archeology on the Prairie during Arkansas’ Spring Break Monday, March 20 – Friday, March 24.
March is Archeology Month in Arkansas, so come to the Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center for programs focused on the lives of the Caddo Indians and other exciting outdoor adventures with our staff. These are free programs, but for planning purposes, you must register to attend. Participants are welcome to come for one program or bring a sack lunch and bottle of water to stay for the day. Call 870-983-2790 to register, get directions, or get more information about the programs.
10am-11am Archery – The Caddo Indians were expert marksmen and bow makers. Participants will learn the history and basics of archery. Several archery games will be played to enhance skills learned during this program.
11:10am-12:10pm Bow Making- The Caddo Indians were expert bow makers using their prized Bois D’Arc trees for the strongest bows ever made. Join the staff at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie to make your own bow to take home made out of PVC, rather than Bois D’Arc wood.
1pm-2pm Caddo Indian Foodways in Southwest Arkansas– Come join the staff at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie as we talk about what foods the Caddo Indians ate and planted. You will get a chance to plant your very own crop seed just like the Caddo Indians did many years ago here at Grandview Prairie.
10am-11am Trapping- Not every animal in the wild would have been easy to shoot with a bow and arrow. Many animals had to be caught with knowledge of the animal and trickery. Join the staff of Rick Evans Grandview Prairie to learn about the art of trapping used today and in the past.
11:10am-12:10pm Furs and Skulls– Many of the animals that we see today are the same kind the Caddo hunted and used. Participants will learn about the animals that live in the wild in Arkansas and what makes them wild. Participants will also have an opportunity to see and feel several wildlife skins and skulls.
1pm-2pm Pottery Sculpting– The Caddo Indians were known far and wide for their beautiful art. Quality pottery made from clay was one of their works of art. Participants will make their own pottery bowl using the skills used by the Caddo Indians.
7:00am-5:00pm Hunter Education– Want to learn how to be an Ethical hunter like the Caddo Indians? Come and take Hunter Education, anyone born after 1968 must complete a hunter education course and carry a valid hunter education card to hunt in Arkansas. Take the class, pass the test. Bring a sack lunch.
10am-12pm Canoeing like the Caddo – Canoeing was one of the Caddo’s main means of transportation. Participants will learn the basics of canoeing – water safety, how to get in and out of a canoe, how to paddle – and will go on a canoe tour of one of our beautiful lakes.
1pm-2pm Fishing for Food- Many people fish for their food today out of choice. The Caddo Indians relied on mammals and fish as their primary food source. Join the staff at Rick Evans Grandview Prairie to learn about the various ways to catch fish today and in the past.
10am-12pm Wagon Tour – Take a ride across the beautiful Rick Evans Grandview Prairie WMA and get an idea of what the scenery looked like for the Caddo Indians and learn how they lived. It is a good idea to bring a camera and take pictures.
1pm-2pm Prairie Walk and Craft- The Blackland Prairie has so much to show us about the past and the present. Join the staff of Rick Evans Grandview Prairie for a fun short walk on the prairie after making your very own walking staff decorated to fit your personality!
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  3-20-2017 – 3-24-2017 10 AM- 2 PM
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  Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center
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