Hope Public Schools Board Meets

By Staff, 03/22/17 5:55 AM

HOPE – The Hope School Board held their regular session for March, Monday March 20th.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, Mr. Bobby Hart noted the district school busses have been inspected and are compliant. He noted that the HAPS Academy has been accepted into the EAST initiative. Mr. Hart noted that 40 Yerger and Hope High students were invited to the Clinton Library in Little Rock, to see the movie “Hidden Figures”. Mr. Hart noted that author Margot Lee Shetterly has a tie to Hope, although he doesn’t know what it is. He noted the school clinic grant request was hand-delivered by Dr. Ira Love to Little Rock.

Mr. Hart acknowledged Coach Bradford and the Bobcat Boys’ Basketball team for winning the district conference title and going to State. Mr. Hart also acknowledged Danny Watson for voting against a school voucher bill. The Superintendent noted the board will want to watch Senate Bill 372 which would open up school choice for all districts including Hope. Also, he noted Senate Bill 298 would eliminate declining enrollment funds which apparently will be important to Hope in the next year.

The board discussed the HAPS application process. Principal Dr. Carol Ann Duke offered comments and answered questions. The process was approved. The board then discussed the 9th grade transition for the HAPS students. The education department has offered to let the district keep 9th graders at the HAPS/Garland campus. Dr. Duke noted that some of her teachers might have some high school certifications. She said she doesn’t know how many students the district will lose if the 9th grade does not stay at HAPS. There are just under twenty 8th graders heading to the 9th grade but there will be considerably more in the future. Dr. Duke expects full capacity in the coming year and noted that there has been interest from private schools. Denny Dickinson moved they keep the 9th grade stay at HAPS with a blend of virtual and live instruction. The motion passed.

The board approved a school calendar for 2017/2018.

The board then approved a policy addition concerning a consent agenda.

The board looked at Beryl Henry add-ons. This includes a bus drive and a fire lane. By taking those items out of the initial bid and dealing with them now, the district will save about $150,000. The board approved both projects.

The board then discussed some personnel policies. All six policies were approved.

Facilities rentals and personnel matters closed out the meeting.


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