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HCSO log

By Staff, 04/3/17 10:00 AM

Hempstead County Sheriff's Department

Warrant Service

On March 30, at approximately 11:44 p.m., Deputy Tuberville observed a vehicle traveling North on US. Highway 195 south while sitting at the intersection of US. Highway 278 West and Highway 195 South in Washington.

The vehicle pulled up to the intersection of US. Highway 195 South and Highway 278 West, and failed to stop at the stop. Deputy Tuberville conducted a traffic stop on US. Highway 278 West in Washington.

He made contact with the driver, who identified himself as Jeremy Boyce. Jeremy stated he did not have motor vehicle insurance or a Arkansas Driver license. Deputy Tuberville ran Jeremy by name and date of birth through dispatch, and dispatch advised me Jeremy has a Failure to comply warrant with the Hope Police Department for the amount of $1,480 dollars.

Deputy Tuberville placed Jeremy under arrest for the Hope Police Department warrant, and transported Jeremy to the Hempstead County Detention Center.  Where Sergeant Daniel Oller of the Hope Police Department served Jeremy with two warrants for failure to comply and failure to appear.

Agency Assist

On March 30, at approximately 3:43 p.m., Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to the 8000 block of Highway 67 East in reference to assisting the Hope Police Department and Arkansas Probation and Parole with serving a Felony Warrant. Dispatch advised me that the suspect Michael Walker was barricaded inside a residence at the 8000 block of Highway 67 East.

Upon arrival he made contact with Hope Police Detective Todd Lauterbach. Detective Lauterbach informed me that the suspect Michael Walker fled out of the back door of the residence, and into the woods behind the residence.

Other Deputies and Officers responded, Officers of the Hope Police Department along with their K-9 unit, and Investigator Justin Crane of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office tracked the suspect, using the Hope Police Department’s K-9 unit through the woods and located him in a creek bed.

Deputy Malone then transported Michael Walker from the residence to the Hempstead County Detention Center for the Hope Police Department.

Criminal Mischief

At approximately 4:15 p.m. on March 31, Deputy Luke Sorensen was dispatched to 2518 Highway 278 West in reference to criminal mischief.

Upon arrival I made contact am employee of Hope Water and Light.  He stated that he was checking meters and observed that the meter at that address had been tampered with and the lock cut away.  The meter itself had not changed since the prior visit and as such, HWL Employee advised that they had most likely pulled the meter free from the box and hooked jumper cables to it.

Outside Agency Assist

Runaway Juvenile Recovered

At approximately 440 p.m. on March 31, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 835 Hempstead 52 in reference to assisting Nevada County Deputy Steve Otwell in recovering a 16-year-old female runaway.

Upon arrival Sorensen made contact with a person in charge of the residence.  Who stated that he didn’t know where the juvenile was was but we could look through the house.  Deputy Loe and Sorensen then walked through the house but did not locate anyone.  Deputy Loe and Sorensen waited down the road for Deputy Otwell to arrive.

As we pulled back up with Deputy Otwell we observed a black female running behind the house.  Deputy Otwell and Searched then searched the area.  The female juvenile came out of the house and turned herself in.  Deputy Otwell transported the female back to Nevada County.

Domestic Disturbance

On March 31, at approximately 9:12 p.m., Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 230 Hempstead 349 Nashville, AR in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Prior to arrival, Loe was informed by dispatch that the suspect, a 29-year-old white male, had left the residence and was walking West on Hempstead 349 and was extremely intoxicated.

Upon arrival, I made contact with the suspects brother who stated that his brother, had come over at approximately 5 or 6 PM and even then could barely stand up he was so intoxicated. The brother stated that the suspect began to try and leave the residence in his vehicle, but that he took the keys from him in order to prevent him from getting behind the wheel.

Suspects brother stated that when he did, Dustin became irate and began cursing and threatening him. Suspect’s brother stated that his brother told him “don’t go to sleep tonight, and the keys better be in the ignition at 5 in the morning.” Suspect’s brother stated that suspect was on the phone with someone and asked them to give him and ride and the left the residence,

Brandon stated that he witnessed Dustin walking on foot West towards Hempstead 27. Deputy Sorensen and Loe did a searched the area, but were unable to locate any signs of the suspect in the area.

Aggravated Assault

At approximately 6 p.m. on April 1, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to the Hempstead County Detention Center in reference to a fight.

Upon arrival he made contact with Detention Officer Kyle Shelby.  Who stated that at approximately 1721 hours he was in C-pod and heard a loud noise coming from D-pod.  He then ran to D-pod and opened the door where he then observed two inmates fighting.  He stated that he separated the two.  And determined that the aggressor was 22-year-old Kahrie Anderson being held on Failure to Appear.

Deputy Sorensen then made contact with 21-year-old Timothy Thompson also being held on. Failure to appear who stated that he had been given a newspaper earlier in the day.  When he returned to D-pod he placed the newspaper on his bed.  a short while later he noticed part of the newspaper was gone.  He asked several people where his newspaper was and they stated that they didn’t know.

Thompson then observed the newspaper on the end of K’haries bed Thompson grabbed the newspaper and accused K’harie of taking it.  He and K’harie then got into a verbal argument which turned physical      Timothy stated that he believes he blacked out at this point as he didn’t remember anything else until he woke up lying on the floor.

Thompson was transported to Wadley ER by Hempstead County Transport Officers. The incident remains under Investigation.

Domestic Disturbance

At approximately 12:26 a.m. on April 1, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 3711 Highway 67 East Lot #2 in reference to a domestic disturbance.

While enroute he observed a black male that matched the clothing description of the subject.  Deputy Sorensen made contact with the subject, in the 3500 block of Highway 67 East.  He stated that he had been at a friend’s house and had been drinking a little.  When he arrived home his fiancé, started yelling at him.  She then threatened him by saying that she was going to call her sister and have her and her boyfriend come and beat him up.  He stated that he was going to wait on the front porch for us to arrive but when she told him her sister was going to beat him up he left the residence.

Deputy Sorensen then made contact with the caller at the residence.  She stated that her boyfriend had hidden all of the knives from the kitchen and had threatened her with them.  Deputy Sorensen asked her how he threatened her and she stated that he had hidden them.  Sorensen asked her if she had told him her sister was coming over and she stated that she had.

Deputy Sorensen made contact with suspect again. He inquired about the knives the suspect stated that he had hidden them.  He stated that his fiancé’ had been acting crazy lately and he had hidden them so she wouldn’t try and hurt him

Aggravated Assault

On April 1, at approximately 12:23 a.m. Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 3040 Hempstead 16 in reference to a private property accident.

Upon arrival, he made contact with the caller who stated that an individual had been over at his house earlier in the evening. He stated that the individual was starting to get into an argument with his girlfriend when he asked him to leave. Caller stated that when he asked the person to leave that the person became very irate and was trying to fight with him.

Caller stated that the person then got into a White Chrysler Pacifica, unknown license plate, and then proceeded to try and run him over multiple times. Caller stated that one of the times the person was attempting to run him over, he ran into the rear left side bumper of his 2006 Honda Odyssey. Caller stated that the person then left the residence heading back towards Prescott.

Caller stated that the damage to his vehicle caused the rear hinge door to be unable to open and also dislocate the bumper. Deputy Loe observed several tire treads in the yard where it appeared a vehicle was moving back and forth multiple times while spinning the tires. The caller provided Deputy Loe with the identity of the Suspect and the vehicle involved.

The incident remains under investigation.

Criminal Mischief

At approximately 11:51 a.m. on April 1, Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to 770 Hempstead 23 in reference to a criminal mischief.

Upon my arrival he made contact with David Salisbury. David stated that sometime between 2330 last night and 1100 this morning someone hit his mailbox. David stated that it was while he was asleep and he did not hear or see anything.

Sgt. Bush observed that the large auger bit that he used for a mailbox post was damaged low to the ground and bent as though someone hit it with as they were going north on Hempstead 23. he was unable to locate any parts of any vehicle or any evidence of what hit it.

Criminal Mischief

On April 1, at approximately 8:45 p.m., Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 4440 Highway 29 South in reference to criminal mischief.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Thomas Jimenez who stated that he noticed on his home surveillance system at around 0400 hours this morning, a car stopped in front of his mailbox. Thomas stated that an individual got out of the passenger’s seat and went over to his mailbox and began to violently push and pull the mailbox, attempting to tear it from the pole it was mounted to.

Thomas showed Deputy Loe a copy of the video and the car appeared to stop right before the mailbox, turned off its headlights, and then the passenger exited. The video was not clear enough to determine a make or model of the vehicle, or to get a clear description of the individual attempting to dislodge the mailbox. The vehicle was stopped for only approximately 20 seconds before the passenger returned to the car and then the car drove away driving South on Highway 29. The vehicle exited the camera frame and it wasn’t clear what direction of travel the car made after leaving the residence.

Deputy Loe told Jimenez that the HCSO would increase patrols in the area.



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