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Hempstead County Sheriff's Department

Domestic Disturbance

On April 5, at approximately 9:01 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 1487 Hempstead 333 in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, Loe made contact with the 58-year-old father who stated his 17-year-old son came home and got into a verbal altercation with his brother over a stick of deodorant. The Father stated that the younger brother accused the 17-year-old of taking his deodorant, which the 17-year-old denied.

The father stated the verbal altercation quickly turned physical and punches were thrown. The father stated he then broke them up and held the 17-year-old on the ground until he began to calm down. The father stated that when he let the 17-year-old up he began once again acting violently, until the brother then pinned him down again.

The father stated when they let him up, the 17-year-old went outside and began threatening the members of the family. By saying he was “going to kill everyone inside the house.” The father stated that at one point, the 17-year-old stated he was going to use a bat.

Deputy Loe made contact with the Juvenile Intake Officer Carolyn Ferguson and she advised there wasn’t a bed available anywhere for a juvenile, that we could only hold him for a maximum of six hours. Loe then made contact with Lt. Heath Ross who stated he didn’t have room for a juvenile at the Hempstead County Detention Facility. Loe once again made contact with the Juvenile officer who advised to tell the father that the best option would be to take him to the hospital in order to have a mental evaluation done to ensure he wouldn’t harm himself or anyone else.

Deputy Loe advised the father he needed to take the 17-year-old to the hospital, and there weren’t many other options. The father transported the 17-year-old to Howard Memorial Hospital in Nashville.

Suicidal Person.

On April 5, at approximately 9:49 p.m., Deputy Malone was dispatched to Highway 32 East in reference to a suicidal person.

Deputy Malone made contact with the reporting party who stated that he is from Dallas, Texas, and his friend who lives in Hope, was texting a mutual friend of theirs, and told them he had a gun and was going to kill himself.

Deputy Landon Loe and Malone went out to a residence on Hempstead 158 and made contact with the person Deputies stated to him the reason they were at his residence is make sure he is okay.  The subject was ok and in bed.


On April 5, at approximately 7 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 5452 Highway 371 in Blevins in reference to shoplifting.

Upon arrival, Loe made contact with the manager, who stated earlier in the afternoon they had a juvenile subject who attempted to shoplift several items from their store. The manager escorted Deputy Loe to where the security camera monitors were and showed him on video where the juvenile attempted to steal approximately $60 worth of snacks and drinks from the store.

The manager stated they watched the juvenile walk across the street to the church, and stated they didn’t want to press any charges, they just wanted him banned from the store.

Deputy Loe then proceeded across the street to 5959 Highway 29 North and made contact with the juvenile who identified himself as a 17-year-old. Deputy Loe advised the juvenile that he had been caught on camera attempting to shoplift several items and that he was no longer allowed on the premises.

Deputy Loe advised the juvenile if he returned to the premises he would be taken to jail. Deangelo stated he understood. I then advised the juvenile the store had not received all of the merchandise back and that he needed to give it to back.  The juvenile cooperated and escorted Deputy Loe to the back of a white van and proceeded to hand me five packs of gum, two packs of Skittles, one package of Now&Laters, and two cans of Monster energy drink.

Deputy Loe advised the juvenile not to return to the store.

Medical Emergency

On April 5, at approximately 6:20 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 628 Hempstead 23 in reference to a medical emergency.

Prior to his arrival, De Ann first responders and Pafford EMS were on scene.

Upon Loe’s arrival, he made contact with the wife of the person who was having medical problems and stood by to be of assistance if needed. The Husband was transported by Pafford E.M.S. to Wadley Regional in Hope.


On April 5, at approximately 5:23 p.m., Deputy Loe was given a name and number by dispatch in reference to harassment that originated in the county.

Deputy Loe made contact with the caller who stated that he just recently got out of jail and had been trying to get his life back together. Caller stated that an individual told him there was a truck he could have once he got out of jail.

Caller stated once he got out, he picked up the truck from the individual’s house at 116 Oak Street in Blevins, but stated there wasn’t a key with the vehicle and it could be started with other items.

The caller stated the individual began accusing him of breaking into his house and taking the key to the truck, but caller stated he never received a key and hasn’t at any time been in possession of a key for that truck.

Caller stated he was approached at Atwood’s in Hope by the individual who got out of his vehicle and was attempting to fight him. Caller stated he kept asking him where his trailer was, and that he wanted it back. Caller stated he had a verbal agreement with individual he would pay $200 for the trailer the following week. Caller stated individual followed him to a few other locations attempting to coerce him into a fight.

Caller stated he didn’t want to press charges, he just wants individual to leave him alone.

Theft of Property

On April 5, Jimmy Adcock came into this office to report a theft, Inv. Josh took the report.

Adcock stated he traded a truck with an individual back in November 2016.  Adcock traded the individual a 1983 Ford truck for a 2003 Dodge.  Adcock said the individual came and got his truck and told Adcock he would bring him the Dodge later and would give him a trailer also.  Adcock did get a title to the Dodge but it was signed by the individual’s wife as the buyer, which was different from the name listed on the title who died in October 2016.  Adcock said the individual and his wife were staying with the person listed on the title when he was alive

Adcock said he spoke to the brother of the original owner of the truck and now who is over the estate.  Adcock said the brother. sent him a duplicate title that he filed for in December 2016.

Adcock said he had been waiting on the individual to bring him the truck.  He said the individual would tell him he would bring it then never show up.  Adcock said during time while he was waiting on the truck, the individual was steadily taking items off the truck.  Adcock said it was probably around $1,000 to replace everything.  Adcock stated he would get a list and provide it to this office.

This incident is under investigation.


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