PPD warns of unlocked doors, recording serial numbers

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PRESCOTT – This is a Public Service Announcement, to all residents and potential visitors of the community of Prescott. It is with great concern that the Prescott Police Department addresses the issue of Unlocked Doors and the Recording of Serial Numbers on Household Items.

Members of the Prescott Police Department have the public’s best interest in mind and wish to better protect and serve this community. However, the Police Department needs the help of its residents to accomplish this act.

We, as a department, have noticed that most thefts are occurring due to the ease of access into houses and vehicles. For this reason, we highly recommend locking and securing all doors, windows and any and all places of entry into homes and vehicles. We are aware that even when all measures are taken, items still get stolen. To help the Prescott Police Department better record and eventually recover these stolen items, we highly encourage serial numbers be recorded and kept in a secure location. It would behoove the residents of Prescott to record the serial numbers on the following items: TV’s, DVD players, gaming systems (i.e. XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, etc.), household appliances, window air conditioning units, lawn mowers, weed eaters and any other items of value that may be possessed. We believe that taking these proactive measures will lessen the likelihood of our residents becoming a victim and help to recover any stolen items.

The Prescott Police Department would greatly appreciate your cooperation in assisting us to better protect and serve this community.

For any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact the Prescott Police Department at 870-887-6779.

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