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Hempstead County Sheriff's Department


Suspicious Persons.

On April 30, at approximately 6:55 p.m., Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to 596 Hempstead 36 in reference to suspicious persons.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Morgan Harvel. She stated she saw a white male in his early to mid-30’s walking down Hempstead 36 in front of her residence. Harvel stated 10 minutes went by and the man came and knocked on the front door to her residence. Harvel said the man told her, he and his buddy’s truck was stuck across the road from her residence. She said the man asked her if she could pull him out.

Harvel stated she told the man she was the only one at home with her kids and her husband, Cody Harvel was not home. Harvel stated she told the man she would ask her father in law if he could come pull his vehicle out, and the man told her that would be up the road. Harvel stated she called her friend Andy Applegate to see if he would drive by the man to see if he needed help. Harvel stated the man never tried to flag Andy down for help. Harvel said she was on the phone with Applegate, and he told her that the man was standing at the end of her driveway staring at her.

Harvel said she and her kids then got into the vehicle with Applegate and his wife Misty, and they drove down the road to Hempstead 164. Harvel stated they sat at the end of Hempstead 164 for approximately 10 to 15 minutes waiting for a deputy to arrive. She said a green single cab 1990’s model Chevrolet drove by very slow.

Harvel stated Applegate took she and her kids home, and when she arrived home the green Chevrolet was traveling Northeast on Hempstead 36 and the vehicle that was stuck was traveling Southwest on Hempstead 36. Harvel stated the suspect(s) vehicle was a Champaign colored Chevrolet pickup truck, but could not describe it any further. Harvel stated she never saw the other man he was with the man that came to her residence. She stated the land the two suspects were stuck on is the “Turner’s land”, but could not provide a phone number for them.

Theft of property

At approximately 7:12 p.m. on April 30, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 405 Hempstead 248 in reference to a theft.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Fred and Justin Laudermilk. Fred stated this afternoon he had put his cell phone in his living room but he was unsure exactly where in the living room he had left it.  At approximately 6 p.m. a male subject had come to the house to speak with his son, After the male subject Fred noticed that his phone was missing.

Fred stated it was a Blu brand phone and worth approximately $600.

Outside Agency Assist

At approximately 6:40 p.m. on April 30, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 6576 Highway 371 in reference to notify a family of an accident.  Sorensen was advised by dispatch they had received a call from Winter Police Department in Winter, California.  They had been notified that a Brooke McNeil had been in an accident the previous night and was in ICU.  To their knowledge no one had been able to make contact with any family members.

Upon arrival, Deputy Sorensen made contact with Joe McNeil.  McNeil stated they had already heard about the accident from a friend of Brooke’s.  He stated his wife was already on a flight to California to be with their daughter.


At approximately 5 p.m. on April 30, Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 312 South Washington to the Hempstead County Detention Center in reference to a battery.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Sergeant Clint Brown.  Brown stated there had been an altercation between inmates Kathy Flowers, Sandra Farris, and Shaniqua Wright.  Sergeant Brown stated the altercation occurred at approximately 3:25 p.m.

Deputy Sorensen spoke with Flowers.  Flowers stated a detention officer had brought some cookies to the pod for all of the inmates to share.  After the officer left the pod Wright grabbed the cookies and walked outside to the yard.

During this time Wright was eating cookies and refusing to share.  Wright then came back in and was confronted by Farris. Farris told her she needed to share the cookies with everyone.  Wright threw her cool-aid at Farris.  At this time, Flowers grabbed the bag of cookies off of the table where Wright placed them.  She stated she wanted to draw Wright’s attention away from Farris so she wouldn’t hit her. Wright then came at Flowers and struck her in the left side of her face with a closed fist.  Flowers then threw the cookies to the floor and Wright picked them up and walked away.

Deputy Sorensen issued WRight a citation # for Battery 3rd with a court date of July 17, at the Hempstead County Courthouse.

Hit & Run Accident

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on April 30, Sgt. Bush was dispatched to the 3800 block of Hempstead 2 in reference to a hit and run accident.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Kierra Moore. Moore who stated she was following her husband because they were having problems and she wanted to get her car back from him. She stated that while driving West on Hempstead 2 in the 3800 block he slammed on his brakes causing her to run into the back of the vehicle he was driving. She stated he backed into her vehicle and fled the scene going East bound on Hempstead 2. Moore explained they are married and he was in their black Dodge Charger which they just bought. She stated the car still has paper tags.

Two people both said they witnessed the accident. On witness stated she seen him hit the brakes and then seen Moore hit him. She stated he backed into her car and left. The other witness stated they were traveling west bound at approximately 30 mph and Justin hit the brakes causing Moore to hit him. She stated she saw Justin pull forward and then back into Moore’s vehicle.

Sgt. Bush attempted to locate Justin Moore but was unable to, the incident remains under investigation

Domestic Dispute

On April 30, at approximately 1:45 a.m., Deputy Tuberville was dispatched to 3303 Highway 29 South in reference to a domestic dispute call.

Upon my arrival, he was met by Deputy Luke Sorensen. Deputy Sorensen stated the homeowner Amanda Wilburn’s husband Bryan Arnold was inside of the residence, and refused to leave. Deputy Sorensen stated Arnold told him he did not live at the residence, and that Wilburn had texted him asking for him to come over.

Deputy Sorensen stated Arnold told him Wilburn had hit him under the right eye, but Wilburn stated he had hit himself in the face to make it look like she did it. He refused to press charges.

Officer Assist

On April 26, at approximately 7:15 a.m., Deputy Mc Bride was dispatched to the 4000 block of Highway 278 West in reference to an accident. Upon arrival, Trooper Darren Henley was already on scene, investigating the accident.

While Trooper Henley conducted his investigation, Deputy Mc Bride directed traffic.

Domestic Dispute

On April 26, at approximately 9:27 p.m., Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to number 7 Clingan Country Road in reference to a missing person. At approximately 9:53 p.m. while enroute to the address named above dispatch advised the reporting party contacted them, and advised the individual missing had returned home. Deputy Malone made several attempts to contact the reporting party by phone with no success

Upon Malone’s arrival, he made contact with the reporting party a female. who stated her husband, was missing for three hours, and she found out he was at another women’s house drinking. The reporting party stated her husband came home and they got into an argument over the situation. She stated the argument was verbal, and did not get physical.


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