Battlefield development meeting Tuesday

By submitted, 05/22/17 2:46 PM


There will be a Community Meeting with Mudpuppy and Waterdog making a presentation on the development plan of the “Prairie D’Ane Battlefield Site” located in Nevada County.
During this meeting, parts of the “Red River Campaign” which changed into the “Camden Expedition” will be discussed.  Also included in the discussion will be Okolona, Terre D Noir’, Battle of the Bee’s, Battle of Elkins Ferry, Battle of Prairie D’Ane and The Battle of Moscow.  Some local historians and relic hunters have given interviews and information to Joe and Maria Brent of the Mudpuppy and Waterdog, Inc, which have been composed the presentation.  The public will be able to ask questions and inquire about concerns during the meeting.
The goal of the Nevada County Depot and Museum and Friends of Nevada County Battlefields is to preserve local history, preserve historic properties, create a place for Heritage Tourism, boost the local economy and promote opportunities for economic growth. The Prairie D’Ane Battlefield site is an ideal site for the growth of tourism for Prescott and Nevada County.
PLEASE support this endeavor by attending this community meeting which will be held Tuesday, May 23, 6 p.m. at the Nevada County Courthouse.

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