Locals devour mudbugs at crawfish boil

By Staff, 06/9/17 10:55 AM

CRAWFISH BOIL 021PRESCOTT – Rescheduling the crawfish boil didn’t affect the overall outcome as area residents flocked to the Farmer’s Market pavilion Thursday to buy mudbugs.

Because the Prescott-Nevada County Chamber of Commerce had to reschedule the event, no tickets were pre-sold. However, this didn’t stop people from coming to the pavilion to get the crawfish. Most of the sales were to go, but some stayed and ate there. The tables had buckets for the shells after the crawfish were peeled. Setup started around 1:30 p.m., with Bobby Duhon and his crew from Lagnaippe’s, of Texarkana, on hand with more than 400 pounds of mudbugs. Corn and boiled potatoes rounded out the menu.

Duhon told Jamie Hillery, Chamber director, the secret of cooking crawfish. He said the water needs to be boiling before they’re put in. Once they’re in the water, wait till it boils a second time and after two minutes they’ll be ready. Once the crawfish were removed from the cooker, they were seasoned with his special recipe consisting of salt, black pepper, garlic and red pepper, then topped off with hot sauce. The corn and potatoes were also coated with his recipe, but not the hot sauce.

Duhon said he’s been cooking mudbugs since the 1970s, but opened Lagnaippe’s last year.

While he and his crew were cooking crawfish, Hillery and members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors were bagging and selling them. The crowd was consistent from the get-go, and when it thinned out, the servers pre-bagged crawfish so the customers wouldn’t have to wait. Hillery said around 350 pounds of crawfish were sold, while 410 pounds were cooked.


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