Dickerson applying for alcohol permit for Izzy’s

By Staff, 06/12/17 1:48 PM

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PRESCOTT – If all goes according to plan, Prescott will have a place where members can get a drink.

Jeremy Dickerson, owner of Izzy’s Place, has applied for a liquor license with the Alcohol and Beverage Commission (ABC). He acquired a 501c (3) nonprofit status and will operate Izzy’s under it. This will not, he stressed, be a honky-tonk or any type of beer joint. Izzy’s will remain a family restaurant where local diners can come and enjoy a good meal. The only difference will be, once the license is approved, patrons 21 and older will be able to purchase an alcoholic drink with their meals.

“This will provide revenue and be a service to the community,” he said. “People won’t have to drive to Hope or Texarkana to get a drink with their meals. Izzy’s will remain a family-oriented restaurant.”

Dickerson added memberships to the private club are free, but only those 21 and up can drink. Members, though, don’t have to be 21 to join, and will receive perks for being members. Additionally, all members will have to show identification to prove they’re 21 or older before being served an alcoholic beverage.

Izzy’s, he continued, will offer a full assortment of draft beer, bottled beer, wine and a full bar. However, he pointed out, the bar will be away from the dining area, and out of sight for those who don’t want to dine in a bar atmosphere. The dining area will be expanded to include four more booths to seat up to 16 customers.

Dickerson needs 100 members to get the permit issued. He said there’s been no problem getting people to sign up, and had 60 join in the first four hours. “I think it will be positive. Some people have surprised me.”

No obscenities or drunken behavior will be tolerated, he said. “We’ll have a policy on how much a person can drink or will be served. We’ll also cooperate with the local law enforcement to help insure public safety.”

In addition to adding the bar, Dickerson said the menu will be expanded with a full line of barbecue added. He recently purchased a smoker, which will be used to BBQ the meat. BBQ items currently on the menu will be removed, with all BBQ items offered getting a separate section in the menu to keep them together.

Dickerson said Izzy’s hours will remain the same, 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Sundays. No alcohol will be served on Sundays out of respect to the customers – except for special events.

By law, he said, alcohol could be served until 2 a.m., but this won’t be done at Izzy’s unless the business is rented out for a special occasion. Private bookings can be made after hours, he added.

“We want people to know we’ll still be the same family friendly atmosphere as always we’re just adding another service. This will be a good thing.”

If there are no hitches, the license should be approved by mid-July.

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