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Hempstead County Sheriff's Department

Animal Cruelty

On June 12, at approximately 3 p.m., Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to 1972 Main Street in Saratoga in reference to animal cruelty.

Upon arrival, he contacted the complainant she stated an individual who lived at 1972 Main Street, had moved to Atlanta, Texas, and left 11 dogs and a cat at the residence. Complaint said the male came back to the residence and retrieved six of the dogs, and left five.

Deputy Malone observed there were five dogs inside the residence. The dogs did not appear to be malnourished. Deputy Malone could not tell whether or not the dogs had food and water. The front windows to the residence were open

Deputy Malone made contact with a neighbor who stated there were five adults living in the residence, and this past weekend three of them moved out of the residence. neighbor stated there were two adults at the residence yesterday evening and she saw the lights on in the residence and the dogs running around outside.

There was no information available as to the whereabouts or how to contact the individuals who left the dogs.

Animal Cruelty

On June 11, at approximately 4 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 2015 Highway 174 South in reference to animal cruelty.

Upon arrival, he made contact with the home owner who stated she owns the house and rented it out. The individual who had been renting the home was evicted and left several items including a black pit-bull/Labrador mix dog.

Suspicious Person

On June 11, at approximately 11:25 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 1919 East 23rd Street in reference to a suspicious person.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Sandra Holliday who stated she heard footsteps on her back porch that sounded like someone was walking around her house. Holliday stated she did not see anybody, but her dog started barking like crazy right before she heard the footsteps. Deputy Loe did a perimeter search of the residence and didn’t see any signs anybody had been in the area. All the windows and doors were secured and did not appear to have been tampered with. Holliday advised a deputy had been to her house on a previous date because someone had come inside her home.

Breaking and Entering

On June 11, at approximately 8:16 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 429 Highway 174 North in reference to a truck being broken into.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Larry Triplett who stated at some time last night, someone broke into his 2006 Red GMC Canyon and moved things around. Triplett stated he called after he noticed a piece of the plastic in his truck had been removed. Triplett stated he wanted a deputy to search the vehicle to ensure no illegal items had been left in it. Deputy Loe searched the vehicle and found no apparent illegal items. Triplett stated he didn’t notice any of his items missing from the truck, but the cigarette lighter had been pulled out of the dash and was slightly dangling.

Welfare Check

On June 11, at approximately 7:59 p.m., Deputy Loe was given a name and number in reference to a welfare check. Deputy Loe was asked to check on the welfare of an individual at a residence on 29 south. A check was made with the person and all was ok.

Suspicious Vehicle

On June 11, at approximately 6:47 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to 120 Hempstead 1011 in reference to a suspicious vehicle.

Upon arrival, Deputy Loe made contact with Cindy Gulley who stated there was a camper trailer parked on her property that did not belong to her, and she did not know whose it was. Deputy Loe conducted a walk-through of the camper and did not see anybody inside, but it did appear somebody had been living there. There was no license plate attached to the camper. I advised Gulley since the camper was parked on her property, she had the right to have it towed. Gulley stated she was going to have the camper removed from her property.

Suspicious Person

On June 11, at approximately 5:26 p.m., Deputy Loe was dispatched to the 200 block of Hempstead 26 in reference to an individual trying to flag down cars.

Upon arrival, he made contact with Michael Bowles who stated he was walking back to his house in Washington when he started to get dizzy and feel sick. Bowles stated he was trying to get someone to stop in order to give him a ride back to his house. Deputy Loe asked Bowles if he needed EMS to check him out, and he stated that he did not. Bowles was able to call one of his neighbors to get a ride back to his house.

Civil Dispute

At approximately 10:07 a.m. on June 11, Sgt. Bush was dispatched to 226 Hempstead 227 in reference to a civil dispute. Advised both parties to seek legal counsel.

Domestic Battery

At approximately 9:46 a.m. on June 11, Sgt. Bush was dispatched to the Hempstead County Sheriff’s office to speak with Cory Swearingen about a domestic battery that occurred at 3000 West Avenue B apartment 51.

Upon arrival Swearingen stated he went to his mother Sherry Ferrell’s apartment to speak with her about moving in with him. He stated his brother Jared Swearingen got mad about it and they began to argue. Cory stated he was standing in his mother’s bedroom and Jared pushed his way through the door and hit him in the chest as he was grabbing Cory’s shirt. Then Jared pushed him back into a dresser causing him to break his Apple IPad. Cory stated he then attempted to push Jared out of the room. He stated his mother was trying to break it up and was pushing Jared out too. Once he was out of the room she tried to close the door on him and he pushed it causing her to scratch her right arm on the door frame. Cory stated he wanted to pursue charges on Jared for assault on a family member and criminal mischief for the damage to his $400 Apple iPad.

Sherry advised Sgt. Bush that Jared left the residence and she does not know where he is. Sherry gave Sgt. Bush permission to search the residence and was unable to find him.

Possession of Controlled Substance

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

On June 11, at approximately 12:07 a.m., Deputy Malone was dispatched to 7762 Highway 278 West in reference to suspicious persons. While in route dispatch advised me the reporting party stated two white male subjects were in his back yard.

Upon arrival Deputy Malone observed Michael Wright walking in his direction armed with a metal pipe in his right hand, arms spread out, crouched down, franticly looking in different directions. Wright dropped the pipe on the ground and walked to my patrol vehicle. Wright was sweating profusely. Deputy Malone made contact with Wright. Wright told Deputy Malone a male subject named Dalton was at his residence with an unknown male subject.

Wright said Dalton started dumping stuff on his floor, and then Dalton started dumping things on his floor and going through his belongings. Wright stated he asked Dalton what he was doing.


Wright told Deputy Malone he was going to show him where he found some “dope”. He stated he found quite a bit and took some of it and put it in his kitchen sink and started filling things up, because he did not know how long it would take a deputy to get to his residence.

Wright then started going through his house showing Deputy Malone items that were on his floor, in his sink, and various other places he stated Dalton had gone through. Wright was walking around his residence looking through shoes and other random objects. He got down on the floor several times and picked up little pieces of trash claiming it was drugs. Wright stated he knows that Dalton and the other male subject left “dope” in his residence.

Wright said Dalton left a pipe at his residence. He stated Dalton and the other male subject were messing around by his recliner, and he had flipped it over prior to Deputy Malone‚Äôs arrival, and he wanted to check it out. Wright turned his recliner over and opened the flap on the back of it. Wright asked Deputy Malone to look at a small blue and white plate that was stuck in the back of the recliner. Wright grabbed the plate, handed it to me and stated he thinks the clear crystal-like substance on the plate “might be drugs”. Wright stated Dalton and the other male subject put stuff everywhere in his house to set him up, and said they would be back. He stated they left a pipe on his kitchen table. Wright said he thinks he flushed it, but is not sure. Wright asked if he could go look and see if the pipe was still in his bathroom, and said if it was he would give it to me. Deputy Malone followed Wright to the rear of his residence to his bathroom. Wright opened the doors to the cabinet under the sink and grabbed a clear glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine and set it on the counter.

Deputy Malone tested the clear crystal-like substance that was on the small blue and white plate using a Narcotic Identification test. The test indicated that it was an amphetamine compound. I then went back inside the residence and collected the rest of the crystal-like substance located in the back of Wright’s brown recliner. I collected the all of the clear crystal-like substance located in the back of the brown recliner and on the small blue and white plate clear glass pipe as Deputy Malone also collected the small blue and white plate that contained some of the clear crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine Deputy Malone did not observe anyone else on Wright’s property.

Deputy Malone placed Wright under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Wright was transported to the HCDF to await a first appearance.




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