Summer in the City

By Staff, 06/26/17 2:07 PM


HOPE-  There was a great turn of this weekend in downtown Hope. With some fearing the rain, the City of Hope did not let that stop them from hosting its “Summer in the City” event on Saturday, June 24.

The evening started at 3:00 with a baggo tournament. There were 15 teams who participated in this tournament. The two teams in the winning game were Hope Fire Department team and the Las Amigos. There were three prize places. The team who came in third was Tailgaters, they received cups made for the summer in the city event. The Las Amigos came in second place won $30 gift certificates for Tailgaters, and the Hope Fire Team won the tournament and split $150.

The Hope Lions Club hosted the fish fry for the evening  you could come out and sit and enjoy the nights entertainment or you could pick up your food to go. Those who stayed to eat got to enjoy music from Mr. Mark Keith and the Spare Time Band along with the Historic Washington Vintage Dancers. They performed several different dances and also taught the public how to do the dances.

The Plowboys Car Club and Tailgaters  presented Cruise Nights. There were a variety of antique cars along with some modern day cars lining Main Street. People were able to walk and admire each of the cars along with speaking to the owners of them. After dust people set up their lawn chairs to enjoy the movie “Grease” that was presented on the screen in front of the Depot.

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