PSD dedicates McRae Library

By Staff, 07/3/17 11:41 AM


PRESCOTT – It was celebration time, Monday, as alumnus from the McRae School District were on hand for the dedication of the McRae Library.

The dedication was held in the new library in building five on the Prescott School District campus. A plaque with the library’s name was placed on the wall outside the facility. The dedication was to honor the accomplishments of the MSD during its years of operation, from 1902-1969, when it was merged with the PSD.

It was standing room only as the library was packed with former teachers and students from the MSD as well as current teachers and administrators with the PSD and members of the community.

Patricia Blake, president of the Prescott School Board, and a McRae alumnus, welcomed everyone saying she was proud to be on both sides of the fence, as she attended McRae her first four years of school and finished up at Prescott High School.

Dr. Joseph Hale, a MSD principal, was on hand. He thanked the PSD for dedicating the library to McRae saying he’ll make sure it receives materials from McRae.

Superintendent Robert Poole said it was an honor to be on hand as this was a special event for the community and school district. He hoped those attending the McRae Reunion were having a good time and great reunion. “It’s an honor to dedicate the library to McRae,” he told the packed house. “This is one of the most well-attended coffees we’ve had, and it means a lot to the people here.”

Freddie Hamilton asked for those who brought books to be donated to come forward. Poole said a section of the library will be dedicated to McRae materials and history. Members of the Class of 1960 and Class of 1974 presented books.

Prescott Mayor Terry Oliver had signed a proclamation naming July 3, 2017 as McRae Alumni Day. Poole read the proclamation.

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