Brentwood Industries Receives Star Status

By Staff, 08/1/17 10:23 PM




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HOPE- Brentwood Industries hosted a celebration today, August 1. The Brentwood Industry has been located in Hope for the past 22 years. They work with production of plastic film fills that will work in cooling towers. The Hope work site has shipments can vary in size of 18wheeler truck loads to some shipments that are as small as just a box. Hope was one of the 40 sites located in the state of Arkansas to receive this award for health and safety. To help employees stay in shape and in good health a gym has been added in the office for them to use free of charge if they desire. They also practice safety procedures daily like wearing eye protection when they are in the warehouse.

The president of Brentwood Industries Peter Rye along with his father Palle Rye who was the previous President and now serves as a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer were both present from the corporate office in Reading, Pennsylvania. Plant Manager Mark Thirsty, State Representative Danny Watson, and Mayor Steve Montgomery were also present at the presentation. Governor Asa Hutchinson wrote a letter of appreciation that was displayed for the employees to see. The Voluntary Protection Program(VPP) certificate was presented by Carlos Reynolds of OSHA to Brentwood along with a plaque and flag.

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